Douglas Nicholson

Composer at Large

Doug studied composition with Australian composer Vincent Plush and accomplished Pacific Northwest composer, Janice Giteck at Cornish College of the Arts.  Under their direction, he successfully premiered ten new acoustic works several of which have become part of the performers' repertoires; composed a sound design (electronic music) for a video installation at Seattle Art Museum and gave several public performances of one of his compositions for solo piano.  To augment his creative abilities, he subsequently studied with two-time Emmy Award winning composer, Hummie Mann.  Since then he has had placements with several major networks including A&E and Paramount TV as well as smaller independent projects.

Sound Demos

About Me

Composing is his passion, and music is his life.  Douglas has been involved in music for over three decades, the last of which has been spent composing for several libraries.


Doug captures and expresses a unique spirit in each of his compositions.  As illustrated here, they cover various styles, genres and moods ranging in technique from standard orchestration to experimental sound.





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